A guy in Binjai City, Indonesia found Jenglot, a deformed humanoid creature in Indonesia culture and mythology, a huge " Keris", an asymmetrical dagger with distinctive blade patterning achieved thorugh alterning lamination of iron and nickelious iron.

M. Azhari (48) found the jenglot along with other things in the backyard of his house.

the guy, who was also known as Ade, told that the "things" started to come up one by one since 8 months ago.One afternoon he was strolling around his Palm plantation, around 1 ha, around his house. At that time he was shocked to found a pair of "Jenglot" standing above the ground. He took the "Jenglot" home and keep it in a glass container (as shown in the picture).

He claimed that before encounter the pair of jenglot, he met a huge snake and it crawls near him. He used a bamboo stick to push the snake and run away.
A month after the jenglot encounter, he found a broken plate with dragon motif.

Threemonths after that he found a vest with arabian words, inside his bedroom when he woke up.

and He also claimed that around 3 week after the vest encounter, he suddenly found a pair of "Balam" bird, with golden fur around their neck. He kept the bird inside a bird cage.

At monday (25/1/2016) he was walking around his plantation and was suprised to find a "Keris", Javanese Dagger, around 170cm in length.A few days after he feel that somebody was thowring stones at his house and went out to check. But nothing happens. Upon returning to his house he found a jar and another "Keris" around 167cm in length.

He didnt feel anything before. Ade keep all the things and told his family about it. The local authorities are still unsure whether it was historical item or not. Right now, ade house was full with people coming to see all the unique item.

Lorton - Virginia

A doctor's clinic reportedly has been strucked by a meteorite weighted half pound. The Meteorite was broken into three chunks as it landed inside the two-storey building after crushing over the roof and ceiling.

Later, Television station WUSA took it to smithsonian institution's Museum of natural history and experts and confirmed that it is a meteorite.

A Zen's Dog Praying

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a dog at southern japan trying to mimic his master, a zen monk, in southern japan temple.

The one and half year old chihuahua named conan as on the image above try to follow his master praying position by uniting its hand's palm in front of its face and maintain it.

His master said that it only took a few days for him to learn the motion. Tourists flock into the temple after these news was spread across the nation.

Now, his master tried to let the dog learn how to meditate but, of course not to put his leg crossing which is impossible, only sitting still while his master meditate.

A Toddler Survives A 20 M Fall

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New York, United States.

A toddler survives a 20 m fall from his aunt house during his family's thanksgiving festivities. He fall onto a store roof; Not only survived- He didn't even break a bone.

Bradley, the toddler, fall onto the roof of a music store, police said. His parents explained that Bradley tumbled from a bedroom windown in his auntie Brooklyn Apartment on Thursday while every other members of the family claimed that the window was closed. Luckily, the boy was in stable condition at local hospital.=

A huge number of black worms looked like wire, was founded along a road at Xiling snow mountains, Sichuan Province.The report was filed by a tourist to local media. the official later announced that This type of worms are not dangerous.

Report said that this worm is small, black, thin, and slick as if black wire. This Species has a diameter of 3 mm and length around 20 cm to 50 cm.
when it crawls, its back was raised up like snake. This worm was named by local as "Horse hair worm". Every year, this species wander around the mountain from Mei to October.
Mei to June was the peak when most worm will be seen wandering around this vicinity.

Further research shows that this worm was a grasshopper parasite larva, lived in rivers, ponds or ditches. After copulate, larva will be released to water
and be eaten by grasshopper. This larva flowers inside insects. When mature, they separated. This creature is not a human,livestock or pets parasite and act no harm to human healthiness

Actually, this worm is also known as Gordian worm, from Nemathophoda families.

A Trashed Painting Worth Million

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A trashed painting which was founded by a woman on Manhattan's upper west side was later sold for over one million dollars. The woman, Elizabeth Gibson, was having a morning walk in 2003 when she spotted the painting in the trash. Although without any prior knowledge about art, she believed that this painting has power. She then tried his best to find any information about this paintings.

Her searching did not end in vain. After four years searching, she came across a site, "Antique Roadshows" which described a missing masterpiece stolen in 1989. The painting was known later as "Tres personajes", an abstract masterpiece by Rufino Tamaya (1899-1991).

The woman received $15,000 for returning the painting plus percentage from the painting selling which was sold to an unidentified American private collector for $1,049,000. This painting was originally bought by a Houston collector for $55,000 before it went missing when he was moving house.

Four years living in mall

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Eight artist was apprehended last week for breaching mall and built a secret studio aparment a lived there since four years ago.

Michael J. Townsend(36),the leader, claimed that the act was performance of art. The artist also claimed that the secretive project was to live the american new dream of living in the mall.

Townsend acts was founded by the security guard when he came home with a visiting friend from Hongkong. The security guards was amazed by what he had accomplished. The studio was fully furnished with playstation2 but without bathroom. Townsend said that he doesn't need a bathroom for it has been provided at the mall.